Thursday, May 02, 2013

Phil and Chris despair: this morning's report plus PS

Pale Male bathing in the Gill, 4/22/2008 - photo by BARRIE RAIK

Chris Cooper writes early this morning:

Stay in bed. From 6 to 8 AM:

Northern Parula (1)
Palm Warbler (1)
Yellow-rumped Warbler (1)
Warbling Vireo (2, heard only)
Chimney Swift
Red-tailed Hawk (adult--Pale Male?--bathing in the Azalea Pond)

ALSO REPORTED: Pine Warbler (by Morgan Tingley)

Worst May 2 ever.

Phil Jeffrey responds:

The source of Chris's despair is nicely illustrated by:
which shows a general anti-migration wind pattern for the last 24 hours. There is a small shift to a south wind overnight, but given the weak air flow it is anyone's guess if you'd get a big movement of pent up migrants or yet another blah day. It also suggests that the weekend could easily be unimpressive, irrespective of the actual date and the generally nice weather. More birders than birds, perhaps.

A propos of the photo at the top, a viewer of this blog . Nathan O'Reilly,  just sent me some photos of a redtail bathing at the Azalea Pond this morning! Here's the link he sent: