Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Squirrel Power

A reader writes:
I bought a bag of organic black walnuts from ebay. Try as myself and my family might, we couldn't open them. Our attempts included laying them in cloth on a concrete slab and hitting them with a hammer! Nothing. We planned a trip to Key West, and decided to bring these walnuts, in case we saw some squirrels. At a park, a TINY, and I mean TINY baby squirrel happened near us. We offered it (her?) a black walnut, and she took it, ran to a nearby branch, cracked it open with not the least bit of trouble, and came near us hoping for another. It was truly amazing. She was about 4 times as big as the walnut. A tiny, cute powerhouse.
Thank you for your web site & all your work. It's a pleasure to read.

PS The Central Park Red Squirrel is doing fine. He seems to be moving his cache of nuts and acorns to a new location. The photo above was taken by BRUCE YOLTON.