Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Goshawk

The Goshawk, a book by T.H. White [author of The Once and Future King, among many other books] has been out of print for many years. I'm a big T.H. White fan and have always loved The Goshawk. Now, New York Review of Books Classics has reprinted it as part of the "Classics" series of worthy books that have gone out of print. Its publication date is October 2.

I thought I'd mention this here because:

1. Many of you are hawk fans and this book is about a man who tries to train a hawk according to the ancient rules of falconry.
2. I wrote the introduction for this new edition
3. In my essay you'll come upon a brief quote by John Blakeman, a name familiar to all readers of this website.

Below I've included a link to the NYRB Classics page describing the book. If it seems of interest, I think you can order it from the site. If not, you can order it from Amazon, or Barnes and Noble. It's a paperback--not horribly expensive.