Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hermit Thrush found and photographed in the park!

Yesterday [1/29/11] someone identified only as Sharron sent me the note below accompanied by the photo above:

Hi - I just found your website -- very nice!
Is it possible that a Veery is wintering in Central Park?  I saw this bird today down in the southwest corner of the park hanging around an underpass ... do you know if this is a Veery?

As always I emailed the photo to Lloyd Spitalnik. He answered a few moments later from his car via an Android phone:

It looks like a Hermit Thrush.

PS from Marie:

Here's what the Sibley Guide to Birds includes at the top of the Hermit Thrush page:

This widespread and variable species is the only spotted thrush likely to be encountered in North America Nov - Mar.

PPS from Marie:
Thanks Sharron!