Sunday, August 19, 2012

Migration reports of Sunday morning

Mourning Warbler --photo by Lloyd Spitalnik Central Park, 10/27/04 .

Mike Webster of Harlem, NYC, sent in this report at 10:38 this morning :

Spent 2.5 hours in the Ravine and then the Ramble (for the first time) this morning. Very happy to find my nemesis bird for years, the Mourning Warbler in the Ramble! Also one seemingly very early White-Throated Sparrow, 8 warbler species total, including 4 Canada Warblers and 2 Chestnut-Sided.


Birds of note for Ray Slyper, Andrew Rubenfeld, Doug Futuyma and Mike Bryant, who birded mostly around Azalea Pond, Maintenance Meadow and Oven, and reported to eBirdsNYC at 10:42 am, were:

Mourning Warbler, 1 young male by Gill and Azalea thanks to a very timely phone call from Jack Meyer and another later fleeting glimpse of an adult male by oven.
Blue Wings (multiple locations)
Canada (multiple locations)
Common Yellowthroat (Azalea)
Redstarts (multiple locations)
Black and Whites (multiple locations)
Yellow (drab, by Point)
Chestnut Sided (fall plumage, Gill and Laupot)

Wood Thrush (2)

Downy WP
Tufted Titmice
Red Tail Hawks, (2 juveniles in Ramble/Maintenance Meadow)

Many many many Robins, Catbirds, Cardinals adults and juveniles