Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Moth Night!

                   Ailanthus Webworm  [Atteva aurea]

The first Moth Night of 2012 was held last night under the aegis of the Linnaean Society NYC. More than 80 excited night-lepidoptera lovers showed up at 7:15 at the park's Central Park West and 103rd Street entrance to look for moths [and other night insects] under the leadership of Linnaean Society Vice President Harry Zirlin. Among them were moth expert Nick Wagerik and Ken Chaya, co-author of the folding map of Central Park--Central Park Entire.

The flashy Ailanthus Webworm , see above, was one of a large number of moths we encountered during the evening. Among others we identified were the Copper Underwing [Amphipyra pyramidoides],the Ipsilon Dart [Agrotis Ipsilon],, the Sad Underwing {Catocala maestosa] , the American Idia [Idia americalis], the Common Idia [Idia aemula and the caterpillar of a Tussock Moth of an unknown species.

On my way out of the park at about 9:30 pm, Ken Chaya pointed out a large swarm of bees resting high on a Sycamore Maple near the small body of water called The Pool.

Very exciting evening!