Friday, August 24, 2012

Update on Pale Male's offspring

A Redtail's red tail: Pale Male yesterday, August 23, 2011
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The latest report from WINORR -- Wildlife in Need of Rescue and Rehabilitation-- from their Facebook posting:

"Pale Male's two offspring are doing much better. The first one appears fully recovered and unscathed by the ordeal. The second one has still not completely regained all its abilities and acts neurologic, slightly unbalanced occasionally. It hasn't returned to the sharp attentive bird its sibling is, but we are hopeful in time it may. A plan or time for release has not been determined yet as it will take much consideration as to where and when they are fully capable if not returned to their family for necessary training for the best chance for survival."



WINORR is a non-profit volunteer organization who provide professional care for sick, injured, and orphaned wildlife.
Who is WINORR?

WINORR is a non-profit, volunteer orginization serving New York city ,Nassau and Western Sufflok Counties.

We provide professional care for sick, injured, and orphaned wildlife.

Our trained volunteers receive no funds from federal, state, or country agencies and are totally dependent on donations, grants, and fundraisers to pay for our daily operation.

We rescue and care for wild animals received thru the Department of Environmental Conservation, local police, animal hospitals, humane societies, animal control, as well as the general public. The state and federal governments license us to provide this service.

A handful of local vets generously donate their time and expertise to WINORR. Our area does not have a wildlife rehabilitation center. A small network of home-based rehabilitators fill this void.

In addition to rehabilition, we also provide information and education for the community.

Lastly, we offer sanctuary or find permanent placement for non-releasable wildlife that are unable to survive in the wild and otherwise would face euthanasia.
To contact us call 516-293-0587
or write at ;
202 N. Wyoming Avenue
N. Massapequa , N.Y. 11758