Thursday, December 01, 2005

It's December -- Owl Season

You've seen many photos of the red-phased Screech Owl that has been roosting in a tree hollow up the hill from the Boathouse. It's been there for the last month or so. Now a new Screech Owl has been discovered -- near the area Central Park Birders refer to as The Riviera. [ If you want to find this owl you must locate a regular birder in the Ramble who will lead you to the spot. Your Open Sesame will be your binoculars, rvealing you as a birder, not a potential owl-harmer.]

Here are two thrilling photos of the Riviera Owl, taken yesterday. Each photo is so expressive it is tempting to make up cute captions. So far I have manfully [or womanfully] resisted.

Photo by Lloyd Spitalnik -- Nov. 30, 2005

Photo by Cal Vornberger - November 30, 2005