Monday, January 02, 2006

Owl and hawk report from Donna

photo by Cal Vornberger


Hi Marie,

The Red Screech was back in her hole by the Boathouse today. I didn't see the Gray, though he might have been there as I left before flyout.

The Great Horned Owl was again roosting in its tree in the oven and was completely alert at 4PM. There were lots of dogs and people today.

Two reports that Charlotte sat for several hours late afternoon in her favorite nest viewing spot on the Hampshire House.

HAPPY '06!
Donna Browne

PS: The Great Horned Owl flew out at 5:05pm this evening [1/1/06] and perched on two different trees near its usual daytime roost before heading in a northward direction. A number of observers headed in the same direction and found the owl perched in a Pin Oak near the Bird-feeding Station at the Evodia Field. [The scattered seeds there must attract rats.] After ten minutes the owl sailed off towards the south-west, and was not found again.

The gray screech owl was seen flying out of its usual roost hole [the Riviera] a little before 5pm. [MW]