Saturday, April 02, 2011

They're not fooling around

Photo courtesy of -- April 1, 2011

The photo tells it all: though yesterday was April Fools Day, the Fifth Avenue Hawks continued to demonstrate the seriousness of their relationship. The pair's romantic activities during the last few days can't help but raise great expectations for am exciting hawkwatching season this year.

Note about nomenclature: We've heard a number of names for Pale Male's mate bandied around this year -- Pale Beauty, Ginger among them. Now that His Guyness [in Charles Kennedy's words] seems to have settled down with one reigning female, in deference to the website I'll use that site's chosen name, Lima, from now on. [The name apparently refers to the ordinal number 5 in Indonesian, not to the edible bean].

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Last Sunday on the 59th Street Pond...

He did not seem to mind the chilly weather

although getting a proper meal was challenging...

Barely a snack

Too big. (He let it go)

But every move he made was with style and grace.

Photos and captions by MURRAY HEAD

Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring Bird Walks

Yellow-rumped Warbler - photo by DAVID SPEISER
The spring migrants are beginning to arrive in Central Park en route to their breeding grounds. [And some will settle down to nest in the park itself.] So far the Eastern Phoebe and the Yellow-rumped warbler have been seen. Soon the trickle of arrivals will swell to a stream. The migration will reach its peak towards the end of April.

Here's the announcement I just received from the American Museum of Natural History of their excellent Spring Bird Walks.


Spring Bird Walks Led by Experts from

the American Museum of Natural History

WHAT Spring Bird Walks in Central Park

Observe the vibrant spring migration of birds in Central Park with naturalists Joseph DiConstanzo (Thursdays, 7 am) and Harold Feinberg (Thursdays, 9 am). Learn how to use field marks, habitat, behavior, and song as aids in identification. Birder field cards included.[ PS from Marie: It looks like Steve Quinn"s popular class/walk is already fully subscribed. ]

WHEN Eight Thursdays, April 5-May 25, 7-9 am

Eight Thursdays, April 5-May 25, 9-11 am

WHERE Walks start across from the Museum on the northeast corner of Central Park West and 77th Street.

ADMISSION $85. Limited to 25 people per series. For more information, call the AMNH Bird Walk Hotline at 212-313-7579.


PS More on Pale Male soon...