Tuesday, August 06, 2013

They're off! Fall Migration begins

Though summer has barely begun, there's no doubt that the Fall Migration is upon us.  Photos by Murray Head  and a report from Jacob Drucker tell the tale.

July 5, 2013 -- Murray Head captions the following series 
Bug catching Warbler Style

Black-and-white Warbler -- The Ramble -- 8/5/13

As a bonus,  Murray sent in a photo of a much bigger bird hanging out  with 5 reptiles :

Great Blue Heron & 5 Red-eared Sliders--The Pond, 8/5/13 
All photos b y MURRAY HEAD

Also on July 5,  Jacob Drucker of Amherst, MA visited the Loch and Great Hill of Central Park. He sent the following report to eBirdsnyc, making it crystal clear that the Fall Migration is upon us.

Hi All,

... After last night's Northwest winds, an hour mostly in the Loch and part of the Great Hill in Central this morning turned up a nice array of things as well, namely several AMERICAN REDSTARTS (6+), NORTHERN WATERTHRUSH (2), BLACK-AND-WHITE WARBLER (1), RED-EYED VIREO (1), BLUE-GRAY GNATCATCHER (2), and WILLOW FLYCATCHER (2). 

Good Birding,
Jacob Drucker