Saturday, November 03, 2012

Storm Damage

Our friend Murray Head reports on the post-hurricane park:

Hi Marie,

The situation on East Side of The Park from 59th to 79th was not bad  at all...
Although there were some real beauties that were toppled...
 I encountered very few. Most of the damage was branches
and not really too much of that.
      Big damage:
                                     In the Oven                           

                                   at the Lake

Little Damage
                         Mrs. Cardinal lost a twig

I saw several Redtails

But  for the most was a beautiful day and it was business as usual:


PHOTOS and text by MURRAY HEAD  11/3/12

Friday, November 02, 2012


I've been getting many anxious communications about our hawks. Is Pale Male OK? How are the kids?

Well, it takes more than a hurricane to faze Pale Male. He's been sighted within the last 12 hours, with one of the fledglings. Everything seems fine. It's been a pretty busy time around here.  I'll try to post another report soon, but not to worry!