Saturday, August 16, 2008

That was not an ordinary wasp

Lloyd Spitalnik sends in a clarification and some breathtaking shots:
[Note: Click on photos to see amazing details]

What you posted yesterday was actually a western subspecies seen for the first time in NY as far as we know. This is a big deal. The full name is
Euodynerus hidalgo hidalgo. Here are two more images:

Lloyd continues: Below are images of the eastern subspecies Euodynerus hidalgo boreoorientalis. As you can see, these wasps are very variable. By the way, all my info comes from Nick Wagerik and Charles Matson plus Sandy's excellent research.


Photos by Lloyd Spitalnik

Note: Sandy is Lloyd's wife, another excellent birdwatcher.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Catch up

What's the scene in midsummer Central Park?

The insect enthusiasts gather at Turtle Pond every warm sunny day to see what lands on the Boneset, [Eupatorium perfoliatum]. A few days ago it was the Euodynerus Mason Wasp
Photo by Ellen Michaels

Note: Click on photos to enlarge

Cicadas are emerging from their nymphs all over the park -- this one near Cedar Hill
Photo by M. Winn

And the Cicada-killer Wasps are busy digging out their underground nests
photo by M. Winn [Be sure you click on this one]

Over at the 59th St Pool, Murray Head reports that the remaining ducklings are now "tweens".
photo by Murray Head

A Bullfrog continues its long visit to the Model-boat Pondphoto by M. Winn

And here's a link to an excellent article about the Riverside Park Hawks [and all the other local redtails including Pale Male et al]