Friday, April 03, 2015

TODAY in Central Park with important PPPPS

Pat Pollack reports:

            Palm Warbler -- photo by David Speiser- 4/21/09

4/3/15, Friday

@ 9:45 am FOS American Wigeon (f) spotted by me 1st from Hernshead, moving south, picked it up again opposite Island & west shore and later close in near Hernshead again viewed from west shore gazebo.

Common Loon remains on Reservoir, best view I've had further west & south of dyke
Pied-billed Grebe
Hooded Mergansers
2 Am. Coots,
# of DC Cormorants+
Great Egret on south end retaining wall
3 or more Hermit Thrushes
@ Great Lawn west side 200 yds from theater Pine Warbler amongst flock of Juncos (dull one unlike previous bright (M)
Numerous Golden Crowned Kinglets
4 or more Eastern Phoebes
 3 Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers in silver barked tree nr. Swedish Cottage
Northern Flickers 3 or 4

Others reported Palm Warblers & Rusty Blkbirds
__._,_.___Posted by: Patricia Pollock <>


PPS Thanks, Pat, for your great reports!!

PPPS  FOS = First of Season

PPPPS   Just heard from Caroline Greenleaf of the Central Park Conservancy [via Rebekah Creshkoff] . Caroline reports:

4 Pine Warblers all together and not so shy,  and Palm Warblers. Flickers in big groups as of this morning.

Monday, March 30, 2015


The season's first warbler!
reported by Junko Suzuki on ebirdsnyc:

          Pine Warbler   --   photo by Lloyd Spitalnik ---  2/26/14

A bright male Pine Warbler was found by Ken Chaya just S. of Eastern Pinetum. I believe it was just before noon. Shortly later, as Pat Pollock observed the Pine Warbler, she also noticed Golden-crowned Kinglet showing up in the same area. I joined Pat a little later, and we saw two birds mostly on the lawn and occasionally in trees nearby.