Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Another beautiful morning

Scarlet Tanager  - Central Park - 5/7/08

Joe DiCostanzo ( of the American Museum of Natural History reports on today's bird bonanza:

Another beautiful morning in the Ramble in Central Park (before the temperature warmed up) for my American Museum of Natural History bird walk group. With the predicted warming weather I was not expecting much in the way of birds, but was very pleasantly surprised. We had over 50 species between 7:00 and 9:15 am. Highlights included: 
Great Blue Heron (Upper Lobe)
Black-crowned Night-Heron
Chimney Swift
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker (various places in the Ramble)
Eastern Wood-Pewee (Maintanence Meadow)
Eastern Phoebe
White-eyed Vireo (along the Gill above the concrete bridge)
Brown Creeper (south side Tupelo Meadow)
both kinglets
Swainson's Thrush
Hermit Thrush
Wood Thrush
Brown Thrasher
Cedar Waxwing (flock in Maintenance Meadow)
Northern Parula
Magnolia Warbler
Black-throated Blue Warbler
Yellow-rumped Warbler
Palm Warbler
Blackpoll Warbler
Black-and-white Warbler
American Redstart
Northern Waterthrush
Common Yellowthroat
Scarlet Tanager (2, south side Turtle Pond)
Swamp Sparrow
White-throated Sparrow
Dark-eyed Junco
House Finch (Belvedere)

Monday, September 30, 2013

Saturday's migration

Lincoln's Sparrow -  Central Park  - 5/4/08
photo by LLOYD

Phil Jeffrey writes:

A moderate migration on Saturday [9/28] reflected in the birds at Strawberry Fields (highlight: Lincoln's Sparrow) and a much weaker flight on the Sunday where the Ramble held more birds including the unlikely sight of a termite hatch-out at the east end of Azalea Pond.  Sparrow numbers had increased significantly over the previous weekend and I had my FOS Golden-crowned Kinglets.

Word of caution, having been recently tripped up: some of the Veeries passing through are quite dull with more extensive spotting, and can impersonate other species.

American Kestrel  (2 southbound on Sun)
Peregrine (Strawberry Fields Sun, likely a local bird)
Chimney Swift
Ruby-throated Hummingbird (1 in Maintenance Field on Sat)
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker
Northern Flicker
Eastern Wood-Pewee (2 in Strawberry Flds Sat, 1 on Sun)
Eastern Phoebe (several)
Blue-headed Vireo
Red-eyed Vireo (1 on Sat)
Brown Creeper
Carolina Wren
Golden-crowned Kinglet
Ruby-crowned Kinglet
Veery (2 on Sun)
Gray-cheeked Thrush (1 on Sat, *several* on Sun)
Swainson's Thrush
Hermit Thrush (1 on Sun)
Wood Thrush (1 on Sun)
Gray Catbird
Brown Thrasher
Cedar Waxwing
Northern Parula
Magnolia Warbler
Black-throated Blue Warbler
Yellow-rumped Warbler (1 on Sat, fly-by)
Black-throated Green Warbler
Palm Warbler (1 on Sat)
Blackpoll Warbler
Black-and-white Warbler
American Redstart
Common Yellowthroat
Scarlet Tanager
Eastern Towhee
Lincoln's Sparrow (Sat)
Swamp Sparrow (Sun)
White-throated Sparrow
Rose-breasted Grosbeak
American Goldfinch