Saturday, November 19, 2011

You are what you eat

Cedar Waxwing -- Central Park--November 18, 2011

(Cedar Waxwings...The pigment in the berries they eat contributes to their tail wing tip color,
colors range from yellow to orange to close to red)

Probable Dietary Basis of a Color Variant of the Cedar Waxwing. Journal of Field Ornithology. vol 60, no 3. pp. 361–368.
Hudon J & Brush AH. (1989).

Photo, headline and info by MURRAY HEAD

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ken's Trees

A week ago Ken Chaya the coauthor [with Edward S. Bernard] of Central Park Entire: the Definitive illustrated Folding Map (click to order this truly indispensible guide to ALL the trees in Central Park) wrote:
From the October 29th freak snowstorm and it's aftermath, to the current stunning display of fall color, the park has kept me very busy taking pictures and trying to keep track of all the damaged and lost trees for updates to my "Central Park Entire" map. For your interest I am attaching a series of photos I took immediately after the storm. With telling irony, they show both sides of nature; it's frightening destruction as well as it's remarkable beauty at this time of year.

Here are Ken's great photos:


Autumn Snow








Sugar Maple


White Oak