Thursday, February 02, 2012

A Children's Classic is born

Hi Marie,

A while back I sent you three photos:




...little knowing that it would lead to a book... but it did.

It's a children's book about squirrels living in Central Park, based upon a poem... "The Squirrel"

My hope is that it encourages children to learn to respect and appreciate the beauty and wonder of nature as they would take a walk in The Park.

I think those who would be lucky enough to possess an inner child would like it too.

Alexina B. White (whose son was the architect Stanford White) published a book of poems for children called "Little-Folk songs" in 1871, where her poem about squirrels first appeared.

The poem has been anthologized under the title "Whisky Frisky" or "The Squirrel".

Susan Lurie, is the writer who adapted the poem for the book.

It's available online for pre-order and due later this month.