Monday, July 11, 2011

One nest empty, another not quite

Murray Head writes:

Hi Marie,

(You probably know)
At 4:45 pm Sunday afternoon... Baby 2 fledged!
A loud cheer went up at the Hawk Bench as he flew off
and landed safely in a tree in the park.

Central Park is now blessed with two new magnificent Red-tailed Hawks along with the parents that created these miracles.

The nest is empty!

And speaking of nests...

Today my eye was on the sparrow...
I really loved Melody's pictures [on this blog yesterday]... so I went for a closer look.
This nest is not empty.

Alpha Baby

She will be back very soon...


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Green light, Red light

House Sparrow nest at the 72nd Street Transverse
Photo by MELODY ANDRES, 7/9/11

Melody writes:
While walking across 72nd Street, I came across a sparrow's nest built in a traffic light. (See pictures) Mom was flying back and forth bringing her two chicks dinner. She wasn't the least bit concerned about the light changing from red to green. The nest was built in the center covering the yellow light. Central heating, I guess. They are clever.