Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sorry, not a scoop

Pale Male & mate-10/8/11
Photo courtesy of PaleMale.com
Here's what I wrote to Murray Head after I posted his reports of Pale Male's possible new nest:
Hi Murray, Thanks for the "scoop" [?] It might make a few pulse rates go up a little. And yet...and yet... it's October, not February or March, so I feel a bit dubious. Marie

Murray wrote back later:
Subject: Re: A Scoop!?

I did some investigation this afternoon at the Hawk Bench...

You have good reason to feel dubious.

Rik (Davis)... told me that Palemale exhibited this behavior a few years ago. The owners of the apt were away for about a month and Palemale would bring sticks and branches there. Rik walked below the Balustrade and found many sticks and branches on the street, the wind had blown them off the ledge... nothing to anchor them.

Sorry, Not a Scoop.