Sunday, October 30, 2011

Historic Fall Snow Storm Devastates Central Park

Central Park received 2.9 inches of snow Saturday... a record for this time of year.

The trees at The Plaza (North) had all their branches cut!

I was told by one of the workers that the trees were destroyed and had to have their limbs cut. In my non-expert opinion I don't see why they did not tape off the area, have some cops to enforce it and see if the trees recover. This was so shocking.

Here are a few of the pictures I took:

Murray 10/30/11

All photos by MURRAY HEAD

For further details, the NY Times just posted a story on their website:

and on her website photographer Beth Bergman speaks for all of us:

A time to mourn

Central Park is devastated. I do not think there is a single tree that has not lost a limb or three or four, trees with half their bodies ripped away, whole old beloved trees toppled. Many paths are roped off, rightly so, impassable. There are still things falling as the wind hits. Areas of shrubbery flattened. The fallen limbs still are leaf-laden, berry-laden, alive one moment, dead the next. Mother Nature has a reason for everything, but today's scenes are gut-wrenching.