Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Yesterday's bird

...was a Field Sparrow. I heard him and saw him preening in the Loch this a.m. , [that is, yesterday, Tuesday March 5] writes Rebekah Creshkoff

 Field Sparrow -- Central Park -- May 3, 2007 --photographer ??

Monday, March 04, 2013

Spring is coming

Our friend the photographer MURRAY HEAD sends in a photo essay:

Signs of Spring on Sunday

Grackles in their finest spring colors amongst the newly emerging Snow Drops near  The Pond at 59th Street

Woodpeckers flying off to peck some nests - (Turtle Pond)

Mallards on the Azalea Pond... well it's obvious.

Wajiha and Prabhdeep have a newly painted bench if they choose to noodle. (Evodia Fields)

Male Merganser seeking female [The Lake]

Dogs are rolling in the grass. (Cedar Hill)

And new Avians are visiting The Park... because Central Park is a man made natural wonder.

photos and text by Murray Head

Signs of spring!!

Rebekah Creshkoff writes, with an appropriate exclamation mark:
 photo of Eastern Chipmunk from

 I heard a chipmunk tocking as I entered Central Park at 106th St. this a.m.! And a Song Sparrow was singing by the Ladies' Pavilion.…