Saturday, March 16, 2013

American Woodcock at Bank Rock Bay

American Woodcock lithograph by Currier and Ives

A few days ago we reported a woodcock in midtown. Now it's been seen in Central Park too, as James Buckler reports this morning on eBirdsnyc:

8.15am this morning great views of 1 x American Woodcock at Bank Rock Bay on The Lake in Central Park.

Friday, March 15, 2013


An exciting e-mail came from Tom Fiore a few minutes ago:

 Hi Marie, An Eastern Phoebe (my emphasis - mw) was by the Pool, near W. 100 St. this morning. Also evident were a big influx of American Robins, far more than have been lately. An (overwintering) E. Towhee was singing a bit on slopes of the Great Hill just above the Pool; more & more birds generally are singing each day now, despite the chilly starts to a lot of days, including this one!  It is not spring by either calendar or feel, yet a lot of harbingers are making their presence seen, heard and felt - sun feels warmer, too.


Eastern Phoebe - photo by LLOYD SPITALNIK - Central Park 9/21/2006

PS  Every year I get all worked up about the first Phoebe. I knew Tom would find it. He always does. 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

the BIRD ITSELF, in Central Park

Our North Woods correspondent Rebekah Creshkoff sent in a report this morning:

3/13/13 Elm buds on the Great Hill are red and bursting, Dark-eyed Juncos are trilling, and the earliest migrants are arriving. As evidence, attached is a photo of droppings marking the spot where an American Woodcock spent the day yesterday on the plaza of 270 Park Avenue.*

I saw the bird at about 6:45 pm last night and didn't dare attempt to rescue it (I was unequipped, and it generally goes very badly with woodcocks) and left, hoping he would make it out safely overnight. But this morning, I found one beautiful non-primary woodcock feather at the base of the building's glass curtain wall.

American Woodcock - March 15, 2005

* I'm posting a photo of the bird itself, not the droppings. I know you won't mind...

Monday, March 11, 2013

Green-winged Teal and others TODAY

Green-winged Teal [m] --

David Barrett reports at 1:24pm today, via eBirdsaNYC:

The highlight of a late-morning survey of the Ramble was a quartet of GREEN-WINGED TEAL swimming on the Lake (two male and two female)east of Hernshead, near the opposite shore. I also saw my first-of-season SWAMP SPARROW at the Lower Lobe, after having seen my first-of-season FIELD SPARROW yesterday on the Randall's Island restored saltmarsh. An increased supply of Dark-eyed Juncos was evident throughout the Ramble. 

David Barrett