Friday, October 25, 2013

Our interest turns to DUCKS + PS

Northern Pintail - Central Park, 2007  

from eBirdsNYC

Hi all,
There is a male Northern Pintail at the Point. Now it is resting near the water on the Willow tree near the tip of the Point. Best viewed from the end of the a short path on the West side that goes down to the water about half way down the Point.
The bird was first found by Sandra Paci.
This is a first for Central Park for me.
good autumn birding,
Anders Peltomaa

PS from Marie:  Also, posted a few minutes ago  by Ilenne Goldstein to NYNYBIRD, 5 Eastern Meadowlarks. 

She writes: I saw them around 5pm in the center of the Great Lawn.