Monday, July 29, 2013

Sad news about Kenturian

A recent photo of Ken Brown, known to many at the Hawk Bench as Kenturian

I received this news circuitously, via Arlene Katz ---- Stella Hamilton -- Mimi Davidson.  Below, the story as it appeared on Donegal Browne's Blog -- PaleMaleIrregulars

Monday, July 29,

Another Seat on the Hawk Bench Is Empty ...

Stella Hamilton, long time hawkwatcher and in many ways a guardian angel for the hawkwatchers as well, called me yesterday with the news that Kenturian, (Ken Brown) who had been watching the stars above Central Park and its hawks as well since the 1980's had died.

I got to know Kenturian well back in 2005, while watching the Trump Parc nest of Pale Male Jr. and Charlotte. While many of us sat on Little Hill the closest vantage point in the park to view this nest with difficult sight lines, Kenturian and Ben Cacace, bit the bullet, and sat on a bench near the Great Lawn, deep in the park for the long view so they could see the in-flights of the Junior and Charlotte along Central Park South so all would have a better over all understanding of the pairs behavior.

Here is Stella's follow up email-

Dear Donna,
I'm sorry to break a bit of sad news , but a long time hawk watcher, dear friend, and guru to all , Ken Brown , has passed. He was such an intelligent guy , who dabbled with nature, slug sex , hawks, and other raptors, astronomy and languages. That's right, slug sex.

I'm trying to spread the news to as many people in Central Park as I can. So, please tell all you know who knew Ken.

Regards, Stella

There is an added sad wrinkle to Kenturian's death, we don't know his next of kin, so that they may be contacted about his death. If you have any information, and tidbits about Ken's extended family connections please contact me via the "contact me" info at the top right of the main page...